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An insanely good line up of punk bands With:
GBH - Abrasive Wheels - Drongos For Europe - The Vile - Spitting Dummies - Mangled - The Victims - Complete Dysfunction - Fat Albert
In aid of Punk For Pam

Doors - £ admission

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Decisions regarding country names continue to challenge us.  There are political issues  – Tibet or Xizang?   Burma or Myanmar?  Isle of Pines or Isle of Youth?  Even spelling and capitalization are not always simple, especially because range descriptions in primary and secondary sources are not consistent –  Malukus or Moluccas?   Suriname or Surinam?  w Papuan islands or West Papuan Islands?  n Natuna Is. or North Natuna Is.?    In numerous instances, large, well-known areas have had to be treated as independent, stand-alone entities (. Alaska, Siberia, Himalayas) to avoid some confusing and awkward situations.  For example, does “nw USA” refer to Alaska or to Washington and Oregon?

Which paper will be the first to carry the story about an aggrieved car thief being forced, after conviction, to hand back the car to its original owner ?

This page lists living orders and families of birds. The links below should then lead to family accounts and hence to individual species. Taxonomy is very fluid in ...

Northern Irelands finest band produced an album of such quality it was begging to be given the Punk Grandad treatment. Flammable Material indeed…..

In June 2017, 43 Greylag Geese were banded in the Seewinkel region, Burgenland. Most of the birds were also ringed with yellow, coded collars, which can be read at large distances. The project aims to answer questions about the birds' habitat use and migration patterns. Keep your eyes open and please report read codes (H457-H497)!

While environmental pressures have caused many species to pursue strategies of defensive or aggressive mimicry to capture prey or avoid being eaten, food theft (or klepto-parasitism) is a surprisingly frequent vocation among certain animals. While a wide selection of powerful birds simply intimidate their adversaries, emerging research indicates that a small, fairly weak African songbird known as the fork-tailed drongo tricks meerkats into abandoning their prey by feigning meerkat alarm calls . The drongo will then help itself to the abandoned meal. Meerkats are closely related to weasels, a mammal often touted as being extremely cunning. Drongos take deception to an entirely new level, and prove that a message “told by a little bird” is not always one to be trusted.

Drongos For Europe - Hotline To HadesDrongos For Europe - Hotline To HadesDrongos For Europe - Hotline To HadesDrongos For Europe - Hotline To Hades